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Community Policing

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The Community Policing/Service unit of the department was established as a full-time support unit of the Marlboro Township Police Department in 1996. We were one of the first departments in Monmouth County to have a full time Crime Prevention Officer in 1976. Proactive programs have always been the philosophy of the Police Department. Our mission is to provide safety and prevention programs to our residents, school children, seniors and business owners in Marlboro Township and to continue to keep our community a safe and secure place to live and work. We believe crime prevention and information is the best deterrent to crime. 

Click here to contact our full time community policing officer:  Patrolman James Caulfield (click)

We currently have three School Resource Officers for the Marlboro Township School District as well as the High School.  Patrolman James Caulfield is the Police Division's full time community policing officer.  We also have Officers in the Patrol Bureau who assist with any community functions that may arise.  Some of the Programs and Services that we provide are as follows:

Personal Safety Programs

  • Senior Citizen safety
  • Home Security Surveys
  • Home Security Assessment Checklist (Click for checklist)
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Fraud Awareness
  • Triad Programs
  • Project Lifesaver-County Project
  • Neighborhood Watch - Click on this link to see a PowerPoint and to learn more about our neighborhood watch program

Education Programs

  • Internet Safety and Awareness
  • Anti-Violence/Bullying
  • Gun Programs
  • Halloween Safety
  • Bike Safety
  • Children “Stranger – Danger”
  • SRO Program
  • Drug and Alcohol Education
  • Senior Citizen Outreach - Current Scams (click)

Business Crime Prevention Programs

  • Shoplifting Prevention
  • Employee Theft Awareness
  • Armed Robbery Prevention
  • False Alarm Awareness
  • Business Security Surveys
  • Business ID Updates

Community Programs

  • Marlboro Day
  • Bike Inspections/Rodeo
  • Recreation Programs/Concerts
  • Police Headquarters Tours
  • Health Fair
  • National Night Out

The TRIAD program in Marlboro Township has joined hundreds of TRIAD programs throughout the United States in addressing crime prevention issues that concern the senior citizen population in our community. The TRIAD partnerships of Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs and senior citizen organizations has been established to increase efficiency and effort within the law enforcement community. Hundreds of senior-related programs are currently in operation designed to educate senior citizens and to be educated by senior citizens in areas that directly affect the quality of life of Marlboro’s seniors. This partnership is presently working hand in hand wit the Marlboro Township Senior Advisory Committee.

Project Lifesaver
The Police Department is in a partnership with Monmouth County Sheriffs Office to participate in the Project Lifesaver Program. This program is designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementia related disorders. It is also used for children with Autism, Down’s syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome and people with brain injuries and other mental conditions that would cause them to wander off. Project Lifesaver consists of a bracelet with a radio-tracking device that allows a police officer to locate the wearer in the event that the person becomes lost.

All of these programs are provided at no cost to the residents and business owners of the community.